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 Vineyard Christian School Employment Opportunities



Thank you for your interest in Vineyard Christian School. Please review the application options listed below. If an opening occurs for which it appears you are qualified, we will contact your references. If there is continued interest in your candidacy, you will be contacted to arrange a personal interview.

We realize that excellent staff members are key to a successful Christian school. We are grateful for those who are professionally qualified, who love and understand children, and who, by pattern of their life, exemplify Christ. All applicants are prayerfully considered.

Vineyard Christian School offers many ways to apply for employment.

  1. APPLY ONLINE using the form below
  2. DOWNLOAD FORMS (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) and send the completed application to us using one of the following methods:
    FAX (714)556-9120
    Vineyard Christian School Registration
    102 East Baker Street
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626
  3. You can also request a copy to be sent to you by mail by filling out our contact form or calling us at (714)979-2957.
  4. Please remember to send your resume, photocopies of all your college transcripts, and student teaching evaluations if available.



Important Employment Application DetailsThis section must be filled out by all applicants regardless of their desired position. All fields are required.


Full Name

Marital Status: Single
Engaged Married Seperated Divorced Remarried


Zip Code
Day Phone
Evening Phone
Email Address

How long have you lived at the above address?


Briefly write out your Christian testimony.

Please carefully read our Statement of Faith and indicate below your degree of support
I fully support the Statement as written without mental reservations.
I support the Statement except for the area(s) listed and explained in the space provided below. The exceptions represent either disagreements or items for which I have not yet formed an opinion or conviction.

What is your local church affiliation?

Pastor's name

Church Phone:
Length of attendance:

In what church activities have you been involved and how regularly?


Important Employment Application DetailsMost of the questions in this section must be filled out by all applicants regardless of their desired position. Questions pertaining to "Teacher" ( T ) or "Preschool Teacher" ( Pre ) positions will be marked appropriately. If you're applying for either of these positions, you'll need to answer the appropriate questions as well as the others.


Important Employment Application DetailsPlease remember to send your resume, photocopies of all your college transcripts, and student teaching evaluations according to the directions at the top of this page. Use the form below to complete any questions not covered on your resume.


What degree or degrees do you hold?

( Pre ) List college classes that apply towards meeting state Early Childhood Education requirements.

  Class Title College Units Grade
Family & Child
Child Development

( T ) Your major(s)

( T ) Your Minor(s)

( T ) Do you have a teaching certificate? ( T ) With what state?
( T ) What kind of teching certificate do you have? ( T ) Your certificate remains valid for years.

( Pre ) How many years have you worked in a preschool:
( T ) Number of years of teaching experience: Public Private Christian

List your work experience with the most recent first.

Place Supervisor Phone # How Long?

Reason for leaving your most recent position

List any courses or special training you've received related to the position for which you are applying.

List other related experience

Please list activities that you would be capable of and willing to teach, direct or advise, such as art, drama, music, sports, science, speech, etc. (Indicate grade or ability levels)

( T ) List any books or articles that you have read recently that have helped you grow professionally.


What do you feel is the unique function of a Christian school?

( T ) What is your philosophy of Christian education?

( T ) What methods of class management (control) would you use at your desired grade level?

( Pre ) ( T ) What methods would you use to motivate a child who lacks incentive to learn?

( Pre ) ( T ) Describe your experience with and use of learning centers.

( Pre ) ( T ) Describe the ideal classroom environment that you desire to create.

( Pre ) ( T ) What do you consider your primary strengths?

( Pre ) ( T ) What is an area of weakness?

( Pre ) PERSONNEL ATTITUDES SURVEY (Click here to skip this section)

These phrases refer to 2 - 6 yr. old children and to teaching them in a preschool situation. Please complete each sentence as briefly as possible. The answers only reflect the way you feel. There are no right or wrong answers.

Children are wonderful, but

When a child cries, it makes me feel like

When I speak to children

Children who have accidents

What children want to make them happy is

What children need most is

A child feels unhappy when

Children disobey because

Children who "pretend"

Friends are more important to children because

Children get into everything because

Children learn the most when

Children's art

Before children go to kindergarten they should

My favorite activity with children is

My favorite story or picture book for children is

My favorite children's game is

My favorite TV show for children is

Something that makes me so angry is

Something that always makes me smile is

What I consider a real mess is

The kind of mess that doesn't bother me is

Teachers need

Teachers should


I am easy to get along with because

I think the most important jobs of a preschool teacher are

Preschool should be

I want to work at this preschool because


All applicants must give at least two references who can testify of your training and experience and two references who can speak of your character and Christian service. Do not list family members or relatives for references.

Name Complete Address Phone # Relationship


I understand that Vineyard Christian School does not discriminate in its employment practices against any person because of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, or handicap.

I hereby certify that the facts set forth in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that discovery of falsification of any statement or significant omission of fact that may jeoprdize my being hired or if hired may subject me to immediate dismissal.

I authorize Vineyard Christian School to inquire and verify all data given in my application for employment. I release any person, organization or company from liability or damage which may result from furnishing the information requested.

I further certify that I have carefully read and do understand the above statements.

Electronic signature of applicant (type name):


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