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 Vineyard Christian School Employment Benefits

Vineyard Christian School & Preschool
Classifications & Benefits
Revised 9/01

Full Time 31-40 hours per week All Benefits apply.
Half Time 21-30 hours per week All benefits except medical.
Part Time 0-20 hours per week No benefits. Tuition discounts.
Short Term All summer and semester positions (half or full time) are classified as "short term". Medical coverage does not apply.
Starting Wages $6.75 - $10.00 an hour, depending upon position, education and experience.
Probationary Status All hourly employment is contingent upon a 30 (working) day probationary period. Employee is ineligible for holiday and sick pay benefits prior to completing the probationary time. When classification changes from part time to half or full time, 15 working days at the new level is required to receive holiday pay for the increased hours.
Paydays Checks are distributed after 12:00 on the third and eighteenth of each month. The 1st - 15th is paid on the 18th. The 16th - end of the month is paid on the 3rd of the following month. If either of these days falls on a weekend, payroll will be available the preceding Friday. All overtime must be authorized by the administration.
Deductions Federal Taxes, Social Security Taxes, State Taxes and Disability.
Worker's Compensation Insurance Worker's Compensation Insurance is provided for all employees and required by law and covers work related injuries.
Raises Yearly raises are given in September. Increases earned for continuing education will become effective upon receipt of current transcripts by VCS verifying courses completed. A passing grade is required for credit.
Holidays The following school holidays are granted as indicated on the school calendar: Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), Christmas Eve & Day, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. day, President's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day and July 4th. Holidays are not payable when employee is absent the day immediately before or after a holiday.
Sick Pay Six paid days are granted for each twelve month period from date of employment. Sick pay is non-cumulative. Two of these days are available as personal leave days with prior administrative authorization.
Vacation Pay Five days paid vacation is granted following the first twelve months of employment. Ten days paid vacation are granted following the second twelve months of employment and each year following. Paid vacation time can only be taken during summer, Christmas and Easter vacations. Time taken with administrative authorization during the school year is considered a leave of absence and is without pay.
Medical Insurance Lead teachers & administrative personnel. Paid 100% by employer. Preferred provider program of $500 deductible for major medical. Coverage includes life insurance, dental and a prescription card.
Tuition Discounts

Tuition discounts for the first child:

  • FULL TIME 100%
  • HALF TIME 75%
  • PART TIME 50%

Tuition, regardless of classification, is half the multiple student rate for the second and each additional child. Day Care is free. All other fees are standard. School expenses are deducted from employees' paycheck. Schedule is negotiable.

Credit Union All employees are eligible for membership in the Evangelical Christian Credit Union. Financial services include: checking, savings, credit cards, loans, etc.
Continuing Education VCS will reimburse up to $50 a semester for enrollment fees of classes that are part of a continuing education program. The classes must directly be related to improving the teaching skills of an employee. This does not include covering the cost of book or material fees. Please verify with the administrator or preschool director that a class qualifies prior to requesting reimbursement. Receipts are required.
Finder-Seeker Gift

Upon the enrollment of a family in the school paying standard tuition rates due to the referral of a school employee, a $25 gift certificate or credit for school supplies will be issued to the employee within thirty days as a way of saying 'Thank You' for recommending our school. The employee must ask the referral to put the employee's name on the enrollment application where they are asked, "How did you hear about Vineyard Christian School?"


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